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Who Should I See About What?

For fastest response, contact the appropriate member of our board below:

... this website, please send e-mail to

... your membership, registration for a league, or team assignments, send e-mail to:

... field conditions or contracts, send e-mail to:

... refereeing for AASA, or a concern about officiating, send e-mail to:

... our e-mail, Facebook or Twitter communications, send e-mail to:

... becoming a sponsor of AASA programs or teams, send e-mail to:

... player insurance or league records, send e-mail to:

... accounts payable or receivable, send e-mail to:

... organizational issues, serving on the board of directors or other concerns not detailed above, send e-mail to:

Mailing Address

Ann Arbor Soccer Association
3000 Green Rd. #130648
Ann Arbor, MI 48113