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Shirt Splitting

Two players, one spot

This Spring, AASA is experimenting with a new system for “splitting a shirt.”

Shirt-splits — that is, two players sharing a registration — have been an informal AASA tradition for years. Usually this means one player is able to play one weeknight (say, Monday), and the other partner takes the other (that would be Wednesday). The key is, you've only purchased one spot. If you want to play together, you'll both need full registrations.

The realities of insurance issues makes it more important than ever that every player is a registered AASA member. It’s also a safety concern for the league: We want to know who is participating and how to locate them if needed.

Over the past few years, we have had to insist that the shirt split be made known to league organizers, and that both partners were registered members. But it’s been hard to keep track of, and we haven’t had an “official” policy. Our new site now lets us handle this in a better-organized fashion.

How to do it:

So, for our M/W and T/Th 7 v. 7 Co-ed leagues, there’s a simple procedure:

  1. You and a friend or acquaintance agree to split a registration.
  2. One player registers for the league normally and pays full price.
  3. The second player logs in and registers for the appropriate “shirt-split partner” option for your league. During registration, you’ll need to provide the name of your already-registered partner. You will have to pay a $7 administrative charge + the $25 annual membership fee (if you haven’t paid it already this year).
  4. We’ll place you both on the same team. We’ll also provide a shirt to both partners… but only ONE of you may play in any game.

Women's Leagues
This shirt-split system doesn’t apply to our M/W Women’s league, which allows players to register independently for Mondays or Wednesdays, if desired. No "partner" is needed -- if you can't play both nights, simply register for the night you are available!

If you have any questions, please e-mail